Giesen’s Lebanon
by John Munro
© The Rihani House Publications, 1984
Giesen's Lebanon
Beirut Giesen
Beirut Giesen's Thumbnail
Giesen's Lebanon's Thumbnail
Giesen’s Lebanon is a selection of Martin Giesen’s paintings of the country where, from 1973 until 1985, he has made his home. The present selection is drawn from a series of watercolors, executed during the period 1982 to 1984 depicting a variety of Lebanese scenes, including the ruinous remains of downtown Beirut, which constitute perhaps his most powerful work. The paintings are prefaced by an introduction by John Munro, also a resident of Beirut, who in addition has supplied a descriptive commentary for the individual paintings. Besides highlighting the achievement of a talented artist, Giesen’s Lebanon also constitutes an enduring reminder of a beautiful country at a time when it was ravaged by war.
Beirut Giesen
by John Munro and Samir Sayegh
© Al Makassed Publishing House, 1995
Beirut Giesen is a selection of watercolors painted in1993 and 1994.
The paintings published in this book by Makassed, an Islamic Philanthropic association based in Beirut, capture a segment of Beirut’s visual history at the beginning of a new chapter in its life as a city.