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QE II in Dubai
Sheikh Zayed Mosque and Bougainvillea
Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan was the first president of the United Arab Emirates and ruled the UAE from 1971 until his death in 2004. The splendid mosque bearing his name stands on the northern outskirts of Abu Dhabi, the capital of the Emirates. In this large watercolor, the glistening white of the domes of the mosque is screened by a riotous bougainvillea. Sheikh Zayed, revered as the father of the UAE, is buried next to the mosque.
Balloon Corniche Beirut                    46 x 61 cm
At the height of the Dubai boom, this legendary cruise ship from the Cunard Line was relocated to Dubai to serve as a floating hotel. Martin Giesen made slight artistic arrangements to bring Her Majesty’s ship into better view at her Port Rashid berth near Shindagha Heritage Village.
QE II in Dubai                                    108 x 88 cm
Green Abras                                    109 x 87 cm
The convenient water taxis which cross the creek in Dubai lend a riot of color to a sunny day. Wooden texture, painted hulls and bright awnings combine with the water’s reflections to create a chromatic kaleidoscope.
The sharply angled viewpoint of these facades in old Beirut renders architectural detail in crisp and splendid relief.
Beirut Shutters                                 73 x 52 cm
This ornate horseshoe arch opens to the American University of Beirut. Through the wrought iron screen one can see the arcades of College Hall, which stood here from 1873 until it was destroyed by a massive truck bomb in 1991. Martin Giesen returned to Beirut to paint the Bliss Street Gate with its newly rebuilt College Hall.
Main Gate AUB                                 73 x 53 cm
The commercial heart of modern Beirut was established about one hundred years ago when urban renewal replaced winding alleys with straight avenues, plazas and a few roundabouts. The sienna and ochre colored sandstone facades, battered in the civil war, have been beautifully restored, and church towers and minarets stand again side by side.
Downtown Bougainvillea                 53 x 73 cm
March Corniche                                46 x 61 cm
As in “Balloon Corniche” a shoe shine boy is at work. This time the clouds and the clothes of the people indicate a breezy spring day.
Martin Giesen lived for 12 years in a building on the Corniche and has experienced its many subtle changes. This watercolor reminds of an earlier time, probably in the 1980’s, when unemployed youngsters offered a shoeshine to the few clients who needed the service.
AUB Corniche                                  42 x 108 cm
A nostalgic recollection of Beirut shows the beachfront road at the American University of Beirut. Before the recent refurbishment of the Corniche, coffee vans and fruit vendors would ply their trade on this popular stretch of waterfront.
Sheikh Zayed Mosque and Bougainvillea  110 x 91
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