Conference Presentations

-Constructing Identity: The Quest of Dubai
Regional Architecture and Identity in the Age of Globalization,CSAAR
Tunis,Tunisia, November 2007

-The Branding of a City: Lessons from Dubai
Urban Design International Congress
Isfahan, Iran, September 2006

-Dubai 2005: Cultural Heritage - Vented, Invented and Appropriated
Proceedings, IADE, Lisbon Portugal, pp 21-26, CUMULUS, Pride and Pre-design Conference, Association of European Schools of Art and Design
Lisbon, Portugal, May 26-29, 2005

-The Middle East City: Identity Crisis or Design Crisis?
The Art of Sustainable Cities in the Middle East, Architectural Review
Dubai, UAE, May 29-30, 2000

-Tradition and Modernity in Middle Eastern architecture
Tradition and Modernity, Architectural Review
Dubai,UAE, May 24-26, 1999

“Art and Culture in a Decade of War,” Review
catalog of the exhibition Convergences, New Art from Lebanon, American University Museum
Washington, D.C.
April 8-May 10, 2010